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The Benefits of Pilates for People of All Ages

The Benefits of Pilates for People of All Ages
Pilates has rapidly increased in popularity over the past several years, and we at Fitness By Design aren’t surprised by this in the slightest. Our team knows that there are countless benefits of Pilates for people of all ages and fitness levels, and one of our favorite things is sharing our passion for Pilates with others.

Whether you’re a young adult looking for a way to increase your core strength or an older adult hoping to enhance their flexibility, Pilates can be the solution. Here are just a few of the main benefits of Pilates we’d like to share with you:

  • Increased flexibility. If you work at a job that requires you to sit at a desk or stand for several hours a day, you might feel stiff and sore throughout your neck, back, and legs. Pilates can help ease any muscle tension you’re feeling while gently stretching these major muscle groups to increase your overall flexibility.
  • Better balance and coordination. Unlike other exercises, the benefits of Pilates are highly apparent when it comes to a person’s balance. Pilates workouts are designed to equally work both sides of the body so that one side doesn’t become stronger or weaker than the other. Additionally, the focus on the mind-body connection will help you get in better tune with your body, leading to greater coordination over time.
  • Stress relief. As a low-impact workout option, Pilates is a wonderful way to relieve stress and anxiety. If you come into a Pilates class feeling stressed out and overwhelmed, you’ll likely leave feeling more relaxed, grounded, and calm.