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Pilates Studio, Greensboro, NC

Choosing a Pilates studio in Greensboro, NC is your first step toward experiencing the amazing benefits this practice will bring you.

Pilates Studio, Greensboro, NCPilates is a total body workout that will improve your quality of life. After beginning to practice Pilates, you may notice that you are standing taller, experiencing less back pain, and increasing your abdominal strength. Choosing a Pilates studio is your first step toward experiencing the amazing benefits this practice will bring you. Fitness By Design is the only studio in Greensboro, NC that offers Pilates and personal training under one roof. Call to experience either (or both!) today.

  • Mat and Reformer Pilates – At our Pilates studio, we offer both mat and reformer Pilates workouts. Mat Pilates is the traditional form of the class, using your body weight to access your core and lengthen your muscles through a variety of movements. Reformer Pilates uses reformer equipment to add more intensity to your workout and challenge yourself even further.
  • Private or Small Group Instruction – At Fitness By Design, we believe in custom workouts. Our certified Pilates instructor, Alston Nettles, created this fitness studio with the knowledge that “everyone is different; individual workout programs should be different as well.” With that goal in mind, our classes are flexible and tailored to fit each client. You can schedule a private Pilates session or engage in a small group class. Choose what works best for you!
  • Rehabilitation Exercise – Pilates has been proven to be a successful exercise to help rehabilitate muscles that are recovering from injury. Pilates movements are safe and gentle, while still giving your body a good workout. Our Pilates studio is certified with the Pink Ribbon Program as a safe and effective rehabilitating workout for breast cancer survivors.