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Fitness Assessment Testing, Greensboro, NC

Our fitness assessment testing is performed by expert trainers in Greensboro, NC who will keep a record of your statistics.

Fitness Assessment Testing, Greensboro, NCFitness assessment testing is a vital step before beginning an exercise program.  Measuring where you are before you begin will give you a way to measure your results, so you can see that all your hard work is paying off.  As you continue to work on improving your strength and endurance, you will be able to see your progress while you work toward your goals.

We offer fitness assessment testing in Greensboro, NC.  Our fitness assessment testing is performed by expert trainers who will keep a record of your statistics.  By signing up for a professional fitness assessment, you will be able to find out your:

  • Body Composition. This takes into account your height and weight, but also looks for percentages of body fat.  High percentages of fatty tissue often lead to diabetes, heart disease, and some types of cancer.   This portion of the assessment can be done by the skin fold test or taking measurements of different areas of the body (arms, thighs, waist, etc.)
  • Muscular Endurance and Strength. This area of testing usually includes assessing various muscle groups by lifting the maximum weight your muscles can handle for a short, set number of repetitions.
  • Cardiovascular Endurance. Cardiovascular exercises require the heart to be at an elevated rate for an extended amount of time. To measure the capacity of your lungs and heart (cardiovascular system), we will have you perform an exercise—such as running or cycling—for a set time/speed and then checking your heart rate and blood pressure.
  • Flexibility. Flexibility is important to assess because it will tell us your range of motion to avoid injury and increase your success in your workouts.