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What to Expect from Pilates Workouts

What to Expect from Pilates Workouts

When you think of exercising, you might think of going to the gym for some weightlifting, running laps around a track, or using some cardio equipment like a treadmill or elliptical. While these all offer great forms of exercise, they can often become tedious and cause you to lose motivation as you become bored with your workout.

If you have become bored with your workouts, you might consider trying Pilates instead. Here is what you can expect from Pilates workouts:

  • Lots of fun: The difference between Pilates and other forms of exercise is that Pilates workouts involve your whole body, including your mind. Throughout the workout, you’ll be engaging your core muscles, arms, and legs and enhancing your focus to get better muscle tone throughout your body. The workout consists of quick movements, so you won’t find yourself bored and waiting for more excitement from the exercise.
  • Low impact: Another thing to expect from Pilates workouts is low-impact exercises. Unlike some other exercises, you aren’t bounding or making any other jarring movements that can hurt.
  • Variety: There is also a lot of variety available when it comes to Pilates workouts. You can modify any workout for different levels of difficulty. You can choose the two main forms of Pilates (mat Pilates or reformer Pilates), or you can try the other variations, including classical, contemporary, or even Stott Pilates instead.
  • Not yoga: The most important thing to expect from your Pilates workout is that it is like yoga, but it is more intense than any yoga stretches. While it can help to calm and focus the mind while working your muscles, you will come away energized, yet maybe a little sore.

This is just a bit of what you can expect from any of our Pilates programs. Give us a call if you would like to learn more.