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What is Fitness Assessment Testing and Do I Need It?

Fitness assessment testing is basically a thorough testing of your current level of fitness

When it comes to fitness, you may find yourself drowning in a sea of spandex and workout options! With so many heavily marketed videos, classes and programs out there, it can be tough to differentiate between what is helpful and beneficial and what isn’t. Instead of finding yourself trying out lots of different programs, a great thing that all of us can do is a fitness assessment test from our team here at Fitness By Design. Wondering what fitness assessment testing is? We’ll go over it below.

Fitness assessment testing is basically a thorough testing of your current level of fitness. We don’t just get your weight or mile time because that would only tell us one tiny piece of your current overall fitness level. Instead, we test you over many different variables, including body composition, muscular endurance and strength, cardiovascular endurance and flexibility. Each of these variables gives us an idea of your fitness level that we use to create your fitness profile as a whole and give you reasonable goals to work towards.

Everyone can benefit from fitness assessment testing, from the athletic right down to the newbie! Because we test so many variables in fitness assessment testing, we can give anyone a goal to work towards. If you want to lose some weight, we can focus your goal on body composition. If you are wanting to run faster, we will tailor your goals for better cardiovascular endurance, and so forth.

We would love to talk about your fitness goals further at Fitness By Design. Please give us a call to learn more about our fitness assessment testing and to discuss your goals!