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What are the Benefits of Pilates?

Benefits of PilatesMaybe you’ve heard of Pilates, but you’re not entirely sure exactly what it is or why you should include it in your workout. We want to introduce you to the world of Pilates and outline some of the amazing benefits of Pilates you can expect from including this style of exercise in your life.

Pilates is a strength workout that concentrates specifically on strengthening the core. It involves using your abdominals, back muscles, leg muscles, and glutes to strengthen your overall core. It’s a great workout to do two to three times a week in addition to your cardio workouts.

Many people do not have a full understanding of the benefits of Pilates, but anyone who does is eager to incorporate Pilates workouts into their routine! The focus of Pilates is to strengthen the core musculature and improve overall flexibility. This helps reduce injury by improving mobility and elasticity of the muscles and tendons in the body.

Virtually everyone struggles with back pain at some point in their life, if not chronically. Pilates does wonders for those who struggle with back pain by improving the muscle imbalances that tend to come about from a lifestyle of constantly sitting and not moving enough.

A big part of Pilates is learning to move your body safely and efficiently. Proper movements and breathing techniques help you learn to recondition your body to move in a safer manner which prevents injuries. Many athletes love the benefits of Pilates they see from using this type of exercise in their training.

We look forward to introducing you to the world of Pilates!