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Want Long, Lean, Toned Muscles? Experience the Benefits of Pilates!

Benefits of PilatesIf you’ve been feeling the need to improve your physical condition lately, you know that there are a wide variety of exercises available to choose from.  There are numerous gyms, as well as a variety of “home workouts,” each one promising fantastic results for just minutes a day!  If the truth be told, developing lean, toned muscles requires more consistent effort on your part.  However, the effort is completely worth the benefits you will receive.  After all, when your body has a greater percentage of muscle mass, it is able to more effectively burn calories, have increased flexibility and can help keep chronic diseases at bay.

In order to develop muscles that will help to strengthen your body, you have a few viable options.  You could opt for strength training through weight lifting.  On the other hand, if you would like to experience the benefits that come with lean muscle mass, without the weights, you may want to consider Pilates.  There are many benefits of Pilates, including weight loss, muscle sculpting, and increased flexibility, to name a few.  Other benefits of Pilates include things such as increased concentration or focus and a positive outlook on life.  Joseph Pilates, who was the founder of Pilates, firmly believed that mental and physical health are closely related.  Thus, Pilates is a workout that seeks to improve your entire being by utilizing both your body and mind in the workout.

Are you intrigued by the benefits of Pilates yet?  If so, come in and see us at Fitness By Design.  We are pleased to offer Pilates and personal training services at our studio.