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Top 5 Reasons Pilates isn’t the Exercise for Your Friends


The benefits of staying physically fit and active are well-documented. This makes fitness a hot topic for discussion amongst families, friends and even random strangers. If you’ve been discussing some of the best fitness exercises with your friends, family or peers, you’ve probably hashed out the whole cardio versus strength question over and over again. The range of opinions probably goes from all cardio to all strength and anything in-between. However, the most effective type of exercise has been shown to be a combination of cardio and strength training, which allows your body to most effectively use the fuel you give it on a daily basis.

One of the best types of exercise for strengthening your core is Pilates. In your discussions, you may find that some of your peers doubt the benefits of Pilates. In that case, we recommend that you give them this list of top 5 reasons not to try Pilates:

1.  You have no desire to develop your lower body strength.

2.  You’re happy with abs that jiggle, overflowing their bounds, causing you to purchase larger clothing sizes.

3.  You have no desire to have greater balance or coordination.

4.  Your current athletic performance is so good it doesn’t need improvement.

5.  You don’t mind having your mind and body out of sync with each other.

Of course, if they don’t understand the benefits of Pilates after you’ve hit them with this list, the argument is probably a lost cause and your next option is to show them by example. If you’re ready to truly commit to better health, contact us at Fitness By Design.  We’ll help you to reap the benefits of Pilates by offering you a Pilates consultation and creating an individualized Pilates routine for you to follow.