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The Differences Between Yoga and Pilates Programs

people choose pilates programs for their benefits
Here at Fitness By Design, we support everyone’s efforts to improve their health and fitness by whatever methods work for them. Two of the most popular fitness practices in recent years are yoga and pilates. These two methods share a number of similarities, but also several key differences. To help you decide which of these two methods is best for your personal fitness goals, our team at Fitness By Design has put together this guide on the differences between yoga and pilates programs.

  • Origins- One of the main differences between yoga programs and pilates programs is their origins. Yoga is an Indian practice that dates back thousands of years, while pilates was created much more recently during World War I. Due to yoga’s long history, it’s impossible to determine any single creator of the practice, whereas pilates is named for its creator Joseph Pilates.
  • Purposes- The two schools also have different goals and purposes. Yoga has its roots in spiritual traditions, and its postures and stretches were designed to support long hours of meditation. Although the spiritual influence has faded in many modern yoga classes, many continue to choose yoga for its emphasis on balancing and maintaining the mind-body connection. Pilates programs have no spiritual component and instead focus purely on physical fitness, particularly on the core as the powerhouse of the body. Many people choose pilates programs for their benefits in extending range of motion and reducing pain.
  • Equipment- Both yoga and pilates programs use floor mats in their routines. In addition to the mat, pilates practitioners also perform their exercises on specially-designed machines, which are equipped with springs to create resistance that helps improve mobility and increase stability in the body.

If you have further questions about pilates programs or are ready to start your own pilates practice, give us a call at Fitness By Design to learn more.