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Strength Training is About More Than Just Muscle

Strength TrainingIf you’ve wondered about the best ways to increase your physical fitness, you’ve probably been introduced to many different theories.  You may have heard that the best way to slim down and burn excess calories is through cardio.  While doing lots of cardio may seem to yield the best weight loss results, did you know that there is something else you can do that will boost your calorie burning potential, while increasing your muscle tone?  If you want to enhance your calorie burning ability, you need to check into the benefits of strength training.

Typically, strength training has been seen as a way to increase muscle mass.  While this may be the best known benefit of strength training, there are other benefits that are not as visible to the eye.  For example, when you pair strength training with cardio workouts, your body is able to make more efficient use of calories from energy.  Additionally, following an established strength training program will provide you with stronger bones, better balance and improved coordination.  Strength training triggers the release of positive endorphins, which help you have a better outlook on life and an increased sense of well-being.

As you can see, strength training offers a vast array of benefits and can be accomplished by a few different methods, including weight lifting and Pilates.  Whether you’re looking to improve your health or build muscle, come in and see us at Fitness By Design.  We can help you to find the strength training exercises that will best help you to meet your goals.