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Revving Up for a Reformer Pilates Workout Regimen?

This makes reformer Pilates great for women

Pilates is a workout regimen that was originally created by Joseph Pilates in the 1920s. It is seeing a current resurgence in popularity and is fit for use to prevent and recover from injuries or pain. The apparatus used for one of the two types of Pilates is called a reformer, hence the name “Reformer Pilates.” In reformer Pilates, there may also be other pieces of equipment used as level advances.

Reformer Pilates is designed to use your own body weight as resistance and for a low-impact exercise. This makes reformer Pilates great for women (including those who are pregnant), men, and many back pain sufferers looking to decrease pain by lengthening their muscles and increasing their core strength. Pilates is a great addition to fitness routines for runners, swimmers, weight lifters, and other athletes.

Workouts are typically taught by an instructor with a set of unique terms specific to reformer Pilates and with some variations dependent upon training location. Typical workouts are 45 to 60 minutes, but benefits can be seen from shorter sessions as well. Strengthening your core, as Pilates is intended to do, should influence your abilities even in the performance of everyday activities like standing up or sitting down. Increased flexibility, coordination, and balance may be felt after as few as 10 sessions. However, just like other forms of exercise, you’ll want some days for recovery between workouts.

At Fitness By Design, you can take your Pilates training individually with a trainer, in a small group of up to 4 persons, or with a class instructor. The reformer equipment can give some added fun to the workout in addition to the potential for a little extra resistance while you glide through the exercises.