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Reformer Pilates: A Unique Way to Develop Strength and Toning

Reformer PilatesIf you are familiar with Pilates, you know that there are numerous benefits that come from regularly participating in this form of exercise.  One of those benefits is that Pilates is a safe, gentle method of strength training that builds muscle, and may even help to alleviate certain conditions such as lower back pain.  There are two main methods of practicing Pilates: mat Pilates and reformer Pilates.  Mat Pilates is an excellent choice if you are interested in exercise that requires very little equipment, since all you need is yourself and a mat.  Once you’ve mastered mat Pilates and if you are interested in taking your Pilates routine to the next level, you may want to consider reformer Pilates.

When you choose to participate in reformer Pilates, you get all of the benefits of Pilates, such as muscle sculpting, weight loss, and increased flexibility while taking your Pilates exercise to a new level.  Reformer Pilates can also help with rehabilitation after an accident or for a chronic condition.  In every exercise that you practice in Pilates, you engage your core.  This means that not only are you strengthening individual muscles, but you are also strengthening your core, which will improve your posture and balance.  In addition to all of the physical benefits of Pilates, there are some excellent mental health benefits.  With the consistent practice of Pilates, you can be left with greater focus, concentration and a sense of well-being.

If you are interested in learning more about reformer Pilates, contact us at Fitness By Design.  We offer you an individualized workout plan along with exceptional service.  Let us help you meet your fitness goals.