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Mat Pilates vs. Reformer Pilates: Which Should You Choose?

Mat Pilates vs. Reformer Pilates: Which Should You Choose?

When delving into the world of pilates, there are two routes you can choose from: mat pilates or reformer pilates. Both forms of this exercise can yield similar results, including a strengthened core, improved posture, and enhanced flexibility; however, these workouts do have significant differences.

  • Mat pilates: Mat pilates is most similar to the original form of this type of exercise, conceptualized by Joseph Pilates and originally dubbed “Contrology” in its early days. This type of pilates utilizes a mat — though it sometimes incorporates a ring or ball — and depends on body weight to provide the resistance that tones and strengthens muscles. It’s recommended that any beginner start with mat pilates to develop an understanding of the basics and become more familiar with the movements. If you’re comfortable with mat pilates and are looking for more of a challenge, you may want to move on to reformer pilates.
  • Reformer pilates: Reformer pilates also provides a full-body workout using a machine that allows you to concentrate on specific muscle groups while exercising. The machine itself is made up of a sliding platform called a carriage, hand platforms, handlebars, and straps. These mechanisms help to give more resistance to some moves, while making others more comfortable. Reformer pilates is often more intense than mat pilates and allows you to be more strategic about which muscles are being focused on.

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