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How Do Pilates Workouts Differ from Other Workouts?

Pilates workouts are built upon controlled movements with your breath

What comes to mind when you think of types of exercises? Do you imagine yourself on a treadmill or running around your neighborhood? Are you thinking of when you visit a gym and lift weights? Maybe you think of a yoga class? There are all sorts of different workouts out there for you to try, each with their own benefits and drawbacks. You might be wondering what makes Pilates different from these other workouts. Let’s explore that now!  

First, Pilates workouts are built upon controlled movements with your breath. In this way, it is similar to Yoga. Both exercises will give you a better sense of control, flexibility, and balance. However, the movements in Pilates are much quicker and more intense than an average Yoga session.

Second, Pilates workouts don’t involve much more than your body weight, making it easy to do anywhere. Pilates concentrates a lot of its movements on your core balance and growing lean muscles through body weight exercises.

Third, Pilates workouts do a great job of giving your entire body a workout at once. With other exercises, you aren’t really using your whole body, leaving you with muscular weakness in some areas and strength in other areas. This can lead to uneven muscle growth which can actually lead to problems. Pilates is about balancing muscle growth evenly and throughout your body.

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