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Four Reasons Why You Should Try Mat Pilates

Four Reasons Why You Should Try Mat Pilates

There are two main styles of Pilates. There is Mat Pilates and Reformer Pilates. Both are amazing workouts that will benefit you physically and mentally. We love both styles, but for right now, we are going to highlight the fantastic benefits of Mat Pilates. Mat Pilates is a Pilates workout that is done on a mat. The mat is to protect your body from the hard ground as you move and exercise. The four reasons we love Mat Pilates are:

  1. Core Muscles – Your core muscles (abs, buttocks, hips and back) are an essential set of muscles that help you move, sit, and stand properly. When core muscles become weak is when injuries often happen. Mat Pilates focuses on these muscles, as well as other muscles, during the 45-to-60-minute workout.
  2. Low Impact – Mat Pilates is a low impact way to exercise. This means that there will not be any bounding, jarring, heavy weights, or times where your body is impacting the floor or any other surface or object.
  3. Entire Body Workout – Mat Pilates will stretch and strengthen your entire body. During any given workout you can be assured that your entire body will be moving and working.
  4. Group Workout – Typically, Mat Pilates is done in a group setting. It is a lot of fun being together with like minded people who are also having fun and striving to improve themselves.

Mat Pilates is an excellent way to challenge and strengthen your body and your mind. Fitness By Design offers group and individual settings for all Pilates types. Give us a call to get started on your new fitness journey.