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Exercise: An Unfailing Hero in the Pursuit of Better Health


Perhaps you’ve noticed that your energy levels have dropped, or that you are having difficulty performing activities that used to come easily. Maybe you’ve been feeling sad, anxious or stressed out and are looking for a way to overcome these feelings. If you are worried about your health and are wondering what you can do to improve it, the good news is that a few simple lifestyle changes could be your answer. While there are lots of ads telling you that they have the magic bullet to help you get fit again, the truth is that lasting change comes only through specific, targeted, purposeful actions that are consistent over time. If you really want to improve your health, the two things to focus on are your diet and exercise routine.

Although your diet is a key component of good health, today we’re going to focus on the exercise aspect of achieving excellent health. Thanks to the fact that every human body is different, each of us has different needs when it comes to exercise. Additionally, since our bodies are so good at adapting, once you’ve begun to see progress, you’ll plateau, which means that you need to change up your exercise routine to get the same effects you were accustomed to. Thankfully, multiple studies on exercise and its effectiveness have been completed, providing us with a basic understanding of the amount of time and intensity of exercise needed to show results. However, trying to figure out the formula that works for you can be quite a unique challenge.

At Fitness By Design, we are experts at helping you to discover the right formula of exercise that fits your body. We can assist you in determining the amount of exercise, and how intense it needs to be to be effective for your situation. We can also help you to adjust your exercise program as needed. At our studio, we offer Pilates, which will help to strengthen your core, but can also help you work on your strength training. Both of these activities will help you to build muscle, allowing you to more efficiently utilize the fuel you provide for your body. When you are ready to strengthen your body through exercise, contact us!