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Can Pilates Really Help You Prevent and Heal Injuries?

Can Pilates Really Help You Prevent and Heal Injuries?

Maybe you’ve heard it before that Pilates can prevent or heal injuries, but you’re a bit skeptical—or at least curious. The short answer is yes, Pilates really can help with injuries.

Origin of Pilates

Pilates has been helping people with their injuries ever since Joseph Pilates created this type of exercise. During World War I, he was in an internment camp where he used this exercise to help bedridden internees heal from their injuries. It was also around this time that he created rehabilitative equipment like the Cadillac and the reformer, which are still used in Pilates today.

How Pilates Prevents Injuries

Muscle imbalances are a major cause of injury, but Pilates can fix those. Pilates teaches you to engage your core muscles, which minimizes the strain on your other muscles and prevents injury. In addition, Pilates prevents muscle imbalances by using your whole body rather than isolating specific muscles. Pilates even improves your posture. Through doing Pilates, you can learn how to have a balanced body, which prevents injury in the long term.

How Pilates Heals Injuries

Pilates can help you recover from an injury for similar reasons. Because it is a holistic approach, Pilates can align and balance your body so that your injury can heal properly. Pilates also increases your blood circulation, which can help your injury heal faster. Lastly, Pilates strengthens your bones and can help you heal a bone injury.

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