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Benefits of Pilates You May Not Know

check out some of the benefits of Pilates

When it comes to exercise, there are so, so many options to choose from! It seems every month or so there is a new fitness craze that will revitalize the entire industry and prove everything you’ve done up to this point wrong! In actuality, there are many different exercises that work — the most important factor is if you enjoy your exercise. If you haven’t hit your stride with an exercise program yet, we suggest you check out some of the benefits of Pilates that you might not know about.

  • Less back pain- Pilates focuses a lot of energy on your core strength. A stronger core (abdominal and back muscles) means that your back will be stronger, you’ll be better equipped to handle everyday movements and you will enjoy less aching back muscles.
  • Better balance- The controlled movements of Pilates do a great job at teaching you how to recognize and adapt to the movements, improving your balance in the process.
  • Improved ability to think & focus- Because you have to concentrate a lot on the movement process of many Pilates exercises, it actually improves your focus after time. Instead of mindlessly going through the motions of an exercise while also stressing your mind about your next work project, you’re forced to focus and concentrate on the movement and your breath.
  • Better results in other athletic areas- Improved balance, concentration, flexibility and other benefits of Pilates translates into improved athletic performance in other areas as well.

We would love to tell you more about the benefits of Pilates at Fitness By Design. What benefits of Pilates have you seen in yourself or others?