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Benefits of Pilates on the Mind

Benefits of Pilates on the Mind

There’s no doubt that there are many physical health benefits of Pilates. For instance, Pilates can improve your flexibility, balance, stamina, and core strength. It can decrease pain and help with injury rehabilitation. But Pilates isn’t merely physical, and neither are the benefits.

Pilates requires you to concentrate so you can execute the movements correctly and get the most out of the routine. Thus, Pilates strengthens your mind. Here are several mindful benefits of Pilates for your consideration:

  • Better Memory- As we age, our memory declines due to brain shrinkage. Exercise such as Pilates helps to minimize or slow down that brain shrinkage, meaning memory loss may not be a substantial problem for you later.
  • Improved Intelligence- According to a study about the effects of Pilates on alpha rhythm, or normal electric brain activity, Pilates training improves intelligence. By doing Pilates, you are learning a new skill. Learning new things generally improves your intelligence, but the more complex a skill is, the better. Pilates is nothing if not complex. It requires all your focus so that your brain, body, and breathing are in harmony.
  • Increased Oxygen Supply to Brain- Breathing, one of the six Pilates principles, is essential. Breathing properly ensures that your brain gets the oxygen it needs to function.
  • Stable Emotions- Pilates is mindful by nature, and mindfulness or meditation helps you control your emotions. Mindfulness can reduce stress, anxiety, and other negative emotions. In addition, Pilates gets you moving so that your brain releases endorphins and makes you happier.

Pilates benefits the mind in many ways. To learn more about the benefits of Pilates or to ask us about our Pilates programs, contact us at Fitness By Design today!