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Be the Best Athlete with Our Sport-Specific Training Programs

Sport-specific training programs are tailored to meet your specific needs

At Fitness By Design, we offer a variety of training programs, including sport-specific training programs. We also offer strength training, Pilates programs, and fitness assessment testing. Any of these training programs can be used to help you achieve your personal fitness goals to be the best at your sport.

Sport-specific training programs will target your specific needs as an athlete in your particular sport.

Strength training can be used to build muscle, maintain your current weight, and (a potentially lesser-known benefit) even strengthen bones. Pilates is a great supplement for any athlete and can assist with balance, posture, flexibility, and core strength – using your own body as the main source of resistance.

For an objective look on what the best areas for you to work on next or which fitness program would be best to add to your regimen based upon your current skill levels, we have fitness assessment testing available.

Sport-specific training programs are tailored to meet your specific needs. They include things like help with nutrition as well as stress management, as well as establishing healthier sleep patterns. These specialty programs for athletes are guaranteed to help you see improvement in your performance by targeting specific skill and weak spots in your performance as they relate to your sport. We can help you prepare for a try-out, recover from an injury, or simply use your energy more efficiently. In time, we can adjust your goals for your sport-specific training program to target increasing your mental alertness, preventing future injuries, or improving your endurance in any type of exercise, not just cardio work.

Though each athlete’s program may not include all of the available elements of the training programs offered by Fitness By Design, you can plan for each session to focus on movement, exercise, and routine for maximal application to your personal performance in your sport.