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Accelerating Healthy Living: The Origins of Pilates

PilatesPilates is one of the fastest trending workouts around. For both men and women, Pilates is a great way to strengthen the core, build lean muscle, increase focus and concentration, relieve stress and anxiety, and much more. Although it is less than a century old, people have quickly discovered the many mental and physical benefits of starting a Pilates program.

The exercise program Pilates was started in the early 1900s by a German-born man named Joseph Pilates. As a child, Joseph suffered from many ailments, including asthma. He began to study various types of mental and physical enhancement programs. After spending time as a boxer, diver, gymnast, and body builder, he assisted troops during WWI on the training of physical fitness and self-defense.

He began training others on his healing of mind and body techniques, using springs in hospital beds to create resistance equipment for patients, and gaining favor in the dance community. He brought his techniques to New York City in 1925, where he was quickly realized for his mind and body strengthening programs. He called his program Contrology, which he defined as “the integration of body, mind, and spirit” (Return to Life Through Contrology).

The program grew in popularity among the elites of NYC, and Joseph began training leaders, who were commonly called Pilates Elders. Pilates grew and developed. Joseph and his wife continued to run the studio until Joseph passed away in 1967.

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