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5 Exercise Advantages That Have Nothing to Do with Weight Loss

5 Exercise Advantages That Have Nothing to Do with Weight Loss

When you talk to most people today about exercise, many of them will tell you that they are exercising to lose weight. While there is often nothing wrong with the goal of losing a few pounds, there are also a plethora of benefits to exercise that will occur to your body, even if you don’t lose weight. If you are struggling to exercise because you aren’t seeing the weight fall off like you’d hoped, consider sticking with a regimen you enjoy for some of the other advantages of exercise that have nothing to do with weight loss, such as:

1.  Increased concentration. Exercise has been proven in many different studies to increase your concentration and memory skills. The best part is you don’t need hours of exercise to get the benefits. Even 10-20 minutes can be beneficial. Next time you feel an afternoon lag, skip the coffee and go walk the stairs!

2.  Improved mood. Exercise is a great, natural mood booster that is not utilized enough. When you exercise regularly — any type of exercise that you enjoy — you will experience a boost in your mood from feel-good endorphins that are released in the brain.

3.  Setting a good example. Prioritizing regular physical activity in your lifestyle shows your children or others around you how to be active. You can serve as a wonderful example.

4.  Reduced stress. Exercise of almost any kind can be a great form of stress relief. Stress tells your body to “fight or flight” and most of us sit and work. Try letting your body fly through exercise and enjoy the release of your stress.

5.  Boost in your confidence. Even if you don’t drop the pounds, you will still see a boost of confidence when you exercise. You might notice small changes like better skin or better sleep, and these can reinforce your new habits.

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