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4 Reasons Pilates Workouts are Perfect for Beginners

4 Reasons Pilates Workouts are Perfect for Beginners

When you are looking to try a new workout, you might be looking at several different classes. Whether you are new to workout classes in general or just new to specific classes, the equipment, movements and routines can be a little intimidating at first. Here at Fitness By Design, we want to help you feel comfortable and enjoy the process of exercising, and we often recommend that you try our Pilates workouts. Pilates workouts start with some very basic movements, making them perfect for a beginner. Here are a few great reasons why Pilates workouts should be in every beginner’s toolbelt for fitness:

1.  It’s fun! Getting in shape doesn’t need to be done with drudgery or by spending your life at the gym. You can get a wonderful form of exercise with Pilates workouts and find that you actually enjoy the activity, which increases the odds that you’ll repeat it in the future.

2.  Pilates workouts are low-impact. You don’t need to run, jump or scale walls to be fit. In fact, many people struggle to exercise because they find high-impact exercises are painful on their joints. The low-impact movements of Pilates workouts give you a quality workout without hurting your joints.

3.  It works your full body. Many of the movements work your whole body, including the core. This leads to increased strength, better posture and better flexibility.

4.  Little to no equipment is needed to begin. When you start Pilates workouts, you might be surprised to find out that you need little to no equipment to begin. While a Pilates mat is recommended, carpet or a rug can also work just fine as a Pilates surface.

If you are looking at Pilates workouts, we suggest you try ours! We work with skill levels of all types and would love to work with you. Give us a call today to learn more.