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3 Reasons Semi-Private Personal Training is Perfect for New Fitness Members

Semi-private personal training can help give you a solid base of movements

When you want to get fit, feel better, or just want to try something new, one of the first things many of us do is find a gym and sign up for a membership. Fast forward a few months and we may still be going, but more likely, our gym memberships are just another tag on our keychains now. So many people neglect their gym memberships that gyms actually intentionally oversell memberships, knowing that many people won’t come! At Fitness By Design, we aren’t an impersonal gym. We take fitness to a personal and comfortable level and strongly believe that one of the ways to be successful in a fitness regimen is with semi-private personal training for these three reasons:

  1. Personal training of any kind holds you accountable. How many times have you set an alarm for an early morning class or workout and then decided to sleep in? With personal training, hitting snooze isn’t an option because you have someone waiting for you to show up!
  2. It is cost-effective. Not all of us can handle the cost of a personal trainer on our own, especially if we are unsure about our commitment abilities to an exercise program. However, when you do semi-private personal training, you have the option to split the cost while still getting excellent one-on-one time with the trainer.
  3. Semi-private personal training gives you better instructions. If you’ve ever felt like you blundered through a workout, don’t worry, you’re not alone! Semi-private personal training can help give you a solid base of movements, which you can grow and work with instead of hoping you’re doing it right.

We would love the chance to tell you more about semi-private personal training, so please contact us today!