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3 Great Benefits of Pilates

benefit of pilates is that it improves your focus

Here at Fitness By Design, we do our best to support everyone in their efforts to improve their health and fitness. One of the most popular workout methods is pilates, and with good reason. Pilates offers a number of great benefits that can improve both your physical and mental abilities. To give you an idea of what pilates can do for you, we have put together this list of three of its top benefits.

  1. Core Strength- Pilates workouts are heavily focused on the abdominal core, or “powerhouse” in pilates parlance. One study found that women who completed 36 weeks of pilates training both eliminated imbalances between their right and left core muscles and strengthened their rectus abdominis—the muscle responsible for six packs—by an average of 21 percent.
  2. Increased Flexibility-Pilates is also great for increasing your body’s flexibility. A pilates workout helps ease tightness in your muscles, lengthening them and extending you range of motion.  According to one study, women with no prior pilates experience experienced a 19.1 percent increase in flexibility over the course of 20 sessions.
  3. Improved Focus- Another. Pilates places a great deal of emphasis on the breath and on its connection with the movement of your body. Cultivating your awareness of these things helps you improve your ability to cut out distractions both in and out of your workout sessions.

If you’re intrigued by these benefits and want to try pilates for yourself, come talk to our team at Fitness By Design to learn more about our pilates programs.